First Phase Handover

Killaire Wood First Phase Handover

EHA Group recently completed build on 11 social houses in Killaire Wood on the Old Belfast Road, Bangor. Phase 1 handover was completed with our team, the Choice team and tenants of Choice Housing Association.

Hugh McNally, Development Officer Choice Housing commented on this first phase handover:

“Old Belfast Road is Choice’s first development project with EHA and the successful completion of Phase 1 represents the fruits of a new relationship built on mutual respect, trust and professionalism.

From the beginning it was clear that EHA understood Choice’s vision for the project and they made every effort to carry it through. This involved; an understanding of the architectural ambition for the scheme; consideration of the local environment, in particular the local wildlife and habitat; consideration for local residents and road users; and ultimately the consideration of the needs of the association and our tenants as end-users.

EHA’s contracts manager brought a wealth of social housing experience to the table and was instrumental in the co-ordination and management of the many and varied issues that inevitably arise on a building project of this scale.”

P5220518 - "A high quality finished product, second to none"

Social housing Belfast road Bangor EHA Group Choice Housing

“EHA’s on-site management worked pro-actively to avoid delays and to accelerate the program where possible. EHA also employed a specialist finishing foreman to bring the construction phase to a close. It is the surfaces of a building that provide the lasting interface between building and user and EHA invested time and resources to ensure that they were given adequate care and attention. The result was a high quality finished product second to none.

P5230524 - "A high quality finished product, second to none"

Social housing Belfast road Bangor EHA Group Choice Housing

“In many ways, the most important phase of any of Choice’s development projects is that moment where handover to the tenant takes place. This is the point at which the house finally becomes a home and it is important for the association to ensure that the handover process is handled with care and sensitivity. It was clear on the day of handover that EHA were aware of the significance of this phase of the works.

Demonstration of the operation of mechanical and electrical aspects of the houses is always a key event on the day of handover and EHA’s demonstrations team were exemplary in regard to their clarity of communication and their consideration of the tenants’ point of view. All in all EHA facilitated a comfortable, welcoming and stress-free environment on the day of handover which I am sure has left a positive and lasting impression on our tenants.”

Our expert team are still on site as construction continues on the remaining 95 homes and we look forward to the next handover of homes. For more information on this build view our full project.