Progress Update: Derry’s, Plymouth Cross

Progress continues at Derry’s, Plymouth Cross with the remodelling, extending and refurbishment of the existing 292,000 sq ft structure as well as adding a top-floor hotel.

Summary of works completed in November 2018:

  • Courtyard A steel installation completed
  • Core 5B Steel Completed
  • Core 5 Steel completed
  • Substation Built and in the middle of handover
  • Next phase of Scaffold erection completed
  • Rear of Rileys, Core 6 Demo works completed
  • Moved the hoarding to allow WPD access completed

nov 18 - Progress: Plymouth Nov '18

16199 Plymouth 2 1 750x500 - Progress: Plymouth Nov '18

Summary of programmed activities in the next month (December 2018):

  • Courtyard B, C and D steel installation continues
  • Concrete removal continues
  • Demolition is nearing completion
  • Window deliveries resume
  • M&E works continue
  • Stair cores start installation in December
  • Piling due to complete in January, currently heading into Core 6 Riley’s
  • Argos loading bay façade to be removed
  • The Argos loading bay scaffolding to be lowered/removed to allow steel installation

Watch out for more updates.