Safety Reboot: CEF Safety Initiative

The CEF launched a new Safety Initiative throughout the month of January 2022 which the site teams at EHA conducted at each project across Northern Ireland.

The aim of the initiative was to encourage construction companies to stop work for 15 minutes, once a week throughout January, to take time to focus on key areas of health and safety.

Each EHA site chose at least one topic each week, relevant to their specific site and conducted their 15 minute safety reboots.

We had great feedback from the teams as a very worthwhile initiative. Thanks to all of the site teams for taking part and prioritising site safety.

Screenshot 2022 02 03 at 15.11.12 300x226 - Safety Reboot: CEF Safety Initiative  Screenshot 2022 02 03 at 15.10.01 e1643902334263 300x101 - Safety Reboot: CEF Safety Initiative Screenshot 2022 02 03 at 15.10.08 e1644244539624 300x144 - Safety Reboot: CEF Safety Initiative Safety Reboot Logo 793x683 1 300x258 - Safety Reboot: CEF Safety Initiative