Community Engagement

The importance of Community Engagement on EHA sites

Planning and improving how each site runs, at EHA we always prioritise Community Engagement.

This can help minimize any potential disturbances to the community caused by construction, while also providing benefit to as many locals in the community as possible.

This begins on each site via the Site Noticeboard with a 24/7 contact number displayed, Social Media and Company Website posts, followed up by Newsletters and Meetings. Engagement progresses through continuous liaison for the duration of the build.

Each Site Team undertakes direct contact with site neighbours to create a positive professional relationship. We also formally request feedback from site neighbours to be proactive in managing engagement and the public impact of our projects.

On each site we always seek an opportunity to offer direct assistance to the community, including the donation of supplies as well as hands on help. At our project Galgani Crescent, Ardoyne, the team helped local organisation BTCNI transport materials and equipment to their workshop doors while also assisting Holy Cross Boys School with stones for their pitch.

EHA persistently promote construction as a career choice hiring local Labourers and local Apprentices on site.

Ensuring we continue to strive for best practice with local communities, we follow the Considerate Constructors Code of Practice and get frequent site audits. Watch out for our next CCS report and certificate.

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