ISO Audit

ISO Audit Success

EHA Group has passed a three day ISO Audit Certification in:
– Health and Safety
– Environment
– Quality
As well as gaining an additional certification in SSIP (Safety Systems In Procurement).

The Group was also commended in three Industry Best Practice Initiatives for:
– Green Field Soil Movements
– Bespoke EHA Group Health and Safety Induction Video
– EHA Group Site Twelve Folder Management System

This achievement and positive outcome was an accumulation of everyone’s efforts, on our 7 sites and at our 3 offices.

Read more about what our ISO Accreditations mean to our customers, our employees and the environment.


EHA Group ISO 14001:2015ISO audit success EHA Group ISO 9001 14001 18001ISO audit success EHA Group ISO 9001 14001 18001